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Red and green in Rodri Mattos’ photos

Colors are one of the most important aspects of art creation, and the choices artists make directly define the final result. Red and green provoke opposite emotions but are also complementary colors. While red alludes to action, energy, and movement, green refers to repose, tranquility, and invigoration.

Staring at Rodri Mattos’ photographs, we realize that the artist deliberately uses green and red as protagonists of his images, from landscapes, through self-portraits, to still life. We also observe a strong contrast that produces an electric tone in his photos.

Green and red in his photos are not only a result of natural light. The artist uses artificial lights to create this vibrant atmosphere in his images. The borders between green and red, with the use of artificial lights, seem to give a different outline. This faded outline presents a mixture of colors in layers of light.

The movement of layered colors, that the artist uses, reminds painting, since painters use overlapping colors and, through these layers, new colors are created. In his photos, we can observe these color grades. In images with natural light, he seems to use another artistic process, that of identifying everyday life colors and capturing them through the camera lens. The photographer is a scene collector, and red and green appear to be his compass.

The most interesting thing about his photos is that green and red seem to be his color partners. We, spectators, have our favorite colors that affect our mood, but it is really touching to encounter artists, like Rodri Mattos, who chose to share their favorite colors with us.

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