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Visual Anthropologist

Master in Social Anthropology 

Bachelor's degree in History of Art

A visual anthropologist whose research focuses on democracy and memory in Latin American photography in Brazilian museums.

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Brasilia, finally

The exhibition “Brasília: finally” by artist Christus Nóbrega (2023) presented fictional imagery narratives about the construction of Brasília led by subaltern groups (indigenous, quilombolas, and LGBTQIAPN+). Thus, the general objective of this doctoral research is to outline the contradictions in the historical museums of Brasilia in the assimilation of conflicting memories. It will be based on an ethnography carried out with the artist, curators, mediators, and audiences, through a methodology of the anthropologist as curator (Sansi, 2019).

Visual Anthropology, Photography, Museum, Art, Brazil

National Museum of Brasilia

Museums and cultural institutions have become one of the stages on which contemporary debates are amplified. The curatorial proposals use this protagonism of museums as a platform for promoting aesthetic experiences  fostering the  dialogue between the public and the art works. In this research, my starting point was to understand the relationship between Democracy and Photography based on the interplay  between the museum space and the experiences of the public through cultural mediation.

Photography of Luiz Braga, Visual Anthropology, Photography, Museum, Art, Brazil

Luiz Braga: a photograph of "Caboquice"?

Luiz Braga carried out several aesthetic experiences in photography, from his black and white, through his Nightvision series, to his color photographs. However, color does not appear alone in his work, but it is in intimate dialogue with caboquice.

Visual Anthropology, Photography, Museum, Art, Brazil

Research Interests

My entire professional trajectory has been crossed by photography, from my studies on classic Brazilian photos from my bachelor's degree, in Theory, Criticism, and History of Art at UnB, and my research for the Master in Social Anthropology at UFG.

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Visual Anthropology, Photography, Museum, Art, Brazil

Latin American Photography

I suspect every photo is a kind of map that captures a specific historical, political, and cultural instant, and I aim to scrutinize about memory, restitution and democracy though Latin American photography.


Brasília, DF, Brazil

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