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Diving in the river in Priscila Tapajowara’s photographs

Veins carry oxygen and nutrients in our bodies necessary for our health, immunity, and well-being. Rivers serve the same function since they are the veins of the land that cross the long Brazilian plains from their sources towards the sea.

Rivers carry one of the primary sources of life, water. They are the source for the creation of large ecosystems, forests, and a whole network of social, political, and community relations in the areas they cross. In Priscila Tapajowara’s photographs, we observe her encounter with the river. The filmmaker herself writes in one of her photos: “My body and my soul crave for water where they can dive”.

Here we arrive at another reflection, about the relationship between man and nature. The riverside populations have a deep knowledge of flora and fauna. They maintain a bond of harmony with their habitat through ancestral knowledge.

We non-indigenous people have a lot to learn from the native culture. We should realize. that rivers, forests, and the rich Amazon ecosystem are as necessary as our blood, not only to guarantee the survival of our species but to teach us how to live in connection with nature and overcome current challenges.

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