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Brasilia, finally: imagetic-fictional narratives as a utopia of a social reality

The exhibition “Brasília: finally” by artist Christus Nóbrega (2023) presented fictional imagery narratives about the construction of Brasília led by subaltern groups (indigenous, quilombolas, and LGBTQIAPN+). Nóbrega used artificial intelligence to create fictional images that merge photographs and the “artist's utopian memories” about the construction of the federal capital.

It is commonplace that power asymmetries resulted in the absence of visual narratives from these groups about the construction of Brasília in the city's museums. Thus, the general objective of this doctoral research is to outline the contradictions in the historical museums of Brasilia in the assimilation of conflicting memories. It will be based on an ethnography carried out with the artist, curators, mediators, and audiences, through a methodology of the anthropologist as curator (Sansi, 2019).


Brasília, DF, Brazil

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