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A visual anthropologist whose research focuses on democracy and memory in Latin American photography.

Each photo is a kind of map that captures a specific historical, political and cultural moment, and my purpose is to understand how these images help us reflect on attempts to restore the memory of historically violated groups.

I have always been an observer of the world, which formed the root of my passion for looking at photographs and watching films. The images are a perception translations of the world through aesthetic and potentially activist language.

Curriculum vitae

Education & certifications

PhD student in Social Anthropology

Goias Federal University

Master in social anthropology 

Goias Federal University

Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts 

Catholic University of Brasilia

Bachelor's degree in History of Art

University of Brasilia

Research lines

Visual Anthropology

Latin American Photography

Memory and Democracy

Photography in Latin America: history, images and spaces

Universidad del Rosario (2024)

Film, Images & Historical Interpretation in the 20th Century: The Camera Never Lies

University of London (2022)

Philosophy of Photography, 

Humanis Platform (2022). ​

Seeing Through Photographs, 

MoMa (2021).

Visual Anthropology and Photography, 

Humanis Platform (2021).

Visual Ethnography,

UFBA (2021).

History of Brazilian Photography,

Fotô Editorial, (2020).

Research groups

LEX is the Laboratory of Ethnographic Experimentations and Social Markers of Differences, coordinated by Glauco Ferreira and Carlos Henning, UFG (2022).

LA’GRIMA is a laboratory whose main objective is to promote studies on images in the anthropological field, coordinated by Suely Kofes and Fabiana Bruno, Unicamp, (2022).

GEMINTER is the Museology and Interdisciplinary Study and Research Group, coordinated by Manuelina Duarte, UFG (2021).

ROPA is a Decolonial and Feminist Memory Policies research group coordinated by Camila Wichers, UFG (2021).


Instituto Promundo

 Deliberative council member

(2020 - Present) ​

Promundo is a Brazilian non-governmental organization, with no institutional links with foreign organizations, which operates in different regions of Brazil and other countries in the world, seeking to promote gender equality and the prevention of violence, focusing on the involvement of men and women in the transformation of masculinities.



Upper Intermediate (B2)



Intermediate (B1)



Native (C2)



Elementary (A1)

Brasília, DF, Brazil

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