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The portrait in Breno Morais photos

The portrait is perhaps one of the most difficult forms of photography because it requires a bond of trust and receptivity between the photographer and the model. In general the camera can be interpreted as a kind of shotgun that with its lens hits the target and records the image.

Nevertheless, the affective bond transforms that act as a moment of generosity and exchange of experiences. Breno follows an alternative path. He doesn’t create traditional portraits, since he experiments at different angles and distances, almost like staging a delicate choreography around his characters, landscape, and objects.

Another important characteristic of Breno’s photos is the way he manages to construct a. light and elegant composition, using as elements the persons, the colors, the ambient light and the landscape.

In conventional portraits the model stares at the photographer, but Breno seems to be hiding between his lenses and is capturing his characters in a more relaxed, unpretentious, and casual way.

Northern Brazil is the abode of exuberance, due to the diversity of regional cultures, its fruits, cuisine, landscapes, rivers and forest. This whole ecosystem seems to provide a favorable context for Breno’s photos to fill us with tranquility and beauty.

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