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The hand as a medium of artistic creation in Moisés Patrício’s photographs

Modernist photography superseded the idea that photos are a testimony of reality and contemporary photography opted for a mixed technique that included in photographic language collages, drawings, paintings, and interventions.

Moisés Patrício’s work follows this path. Since the medium of his artistic creation is his hand, his photos can be read as self-portraits in a contemporary format. He creates compositions on various historical, emotional, and political themes, using visual tools. It is possible to observe the sophistication in the choice of objects, colors, shapes, and textures as well as the organization of all of them in the “photographic scene”.

I venture to write that the main theme of his photos is African culture, its spirituality, identity, and rituals of healing, protection, and empowerment. In this perspective, the artist reflects on his. Afro-Brazilian heritage and identity through artistic creation.

African culture is wealthy in myths, beliefs, values, and meanings, that are far beyond our comprehension. For those who don’t have an Afrobrazilian background, it is urgent to support the protection of this heritage, its inclusion in education, and the promotion of religious, political, and social diversity. Moisés Patrício’s photographs are an invitation to explore the Afrobrazilian universe through his sensibility and depart on an artistic journey in photographic language.

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