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The frontiers between photography and drawing in Letícia Rick’s art

One of the features of contemporary artistic processes is the blend of artistic languages in creation. Today I will write about drawing and photography in the art of Leticia Rick. The borders between photography and drawing remind me of a lot of the encounters of waters of river “Solimões” with “Rio Negro” in Amazonia. The aesthetic elements of photography and drawing settle side by side, the same way the above-mentioned rivers keep their distinct chemical properties without mingling.

The drawings of Letícia Rick are possibly inspired by photography, people’s memories, places, and experiences, but undoubtedly there is a synthesis of essential elements that are transformed in subtle strokes and light lines. They are studies about non-binary people, without gender, color, race, and social class. These are efforts to reach the minimal essence of human nature and at the same time attain the depths of intensive emotions and sensations.

Her works are at the same time beautiful, and militant and touch contemporary issues. They contribute to the important discussion about the decolonization of body, mind, and spirit from the hegemonic paradigms of beauty, morality, and happiness. Art is one of the few areas of knowledge that still has the freedom to comment on any issue, but in a fluid, more freeway, and without the need to abide by any pattern, style, or determined model of thinking.

The drawings of Letícia Rick are inspired by the experience of constant experimentation and are part of the contemporary artistic creation that reflects on the big challenges of humanity.

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