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Soft colors in the art of Patrícia Brasil

Patrícia Brasil, more known as Patricia, is an artist-photographer from Belém – PA, Brazil. During the last years, she has devoted herself to getting to know “the other”. Photography can be a good way to approach “the other” and pay attention to his discourse, but often this exercise surprises us providing new perspectives on looking at the world.

Patrícia’s photographs follow this journey. We are aware that the encounter with the “other” is always challenging, as a result of cultural differences, but once we overcome this barrier we realize that our interlocutor may look more familiar. It is a moment of sharing and learning.

The most interesting thing about Pati’s work is its photographic diversity that covers a broad array of subjects: landscape, portrait, objects, and abstraction. The guiding threads in her work are emotion and color. The first is the impulse to encounter the other, this desire to share and at the same time to know. Color is the instrument to mediate this encounter, a way to facilitate this approach.

Color is a visual element that generates an impact through our eyes, incites emotions in our body, is processed by the brain, and turns into feeling, our interpretation of what we see through what we feel. In other words, it’s an exciting color plunge in the delicacy of the gaze and the soft colors of Patrícia Brasil.

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